So true! #9GAG
Just like me and you, trying to figure out and complete each other.
Keep close with the bish❤️‼️
😊!!!!!!!!!!!! – View on Path.
🌞🍨🍦 with Iftitahul and Muartyo at Ragusa Es Italia Restaurant & Ice Cream – View on Path.

no matter what the people say
i’ll be waiting for you after the judgement day
(your love is my love - whitney houston)

at Ichiban Sushi
🍻😃👌 with Adimas, Nadhia, Windy, Alfiyan, and Eldira at PIM – View on Path.
Listening to Officially Missing You by Tamia

at H. AS. Hanandjoeddin Airport – Preview it on Path.

🌊🏊🗾 (at Lengkuas Island)
Tanjung tinggi, Belitong.
Belitong !! 🌊 (at Tanjung Tinggi Beach - Laskar Pelangi)
Butuh pendonor lemak 😿🙏💊 – View on Path.
🐙🍴 at Meteor Resto&cafe – View on Path.
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